Sedation Dentistry


You are not alone — nearly 30% of the population is afraid to go to the dentist. Sedation dentistry offers a safe, soothing and relaxing alternative treatment experience. Sedation is not new to dentistry. It’s been used for decades and Cedar Creek Dental is certified by the American Dental Association , the Academy of General Dentistry , and Wisconsin’s Dental Regulatory Board for sedation.

Throughout the process patients are closely monitored to evaluate blood pressure, pulse rate, and  levels of oxygen saturation in the blood After sedation, patients generally find they have little pain or soreness and require few medications.

Fear of pain caused by anxiety, physical pain or health issues is no longer a reason to delay important dental treatments.

Benefits of sedation dentistry:

  • No IV needles – just an easy-to-swallow small pill.
  • Shorter treatment time (more dental treatment can be done in one visit)
  • Jaw pain relief – for patients with chronic jaw pain or difficulties opening their mouth during treatment.
  • Avoids back and neck pain – for those who have a difficult time sitting in the dental chair.
  • Prevents tension and anxiety issues – for patients who are uncomfortable with the sounds, smells and equipment used in dental treatment.

Call Cedar Creek Dental today for a free sedation dentistry consult. Take our “no fear dental care” challenge. Let us show how easy and pain free going to the dentist can be.

“I have had some bad dental experiences over the years. Just thinking about making an appointment made me physically sick – so I didn’t go to a dentist for eight years! I knew I would need sedation to get through and the first time I met with Dr. Barr I was shaking. (Talk about patience with a patient!) I spent six hours in the chair under sedation and when I woke up I couldn’t believe I had zero pain! Not one sore spot! Now, I happily drive two hours from the north woods to get my dental care at Cedar Creek Dental – no more fear of going to the dentist.”
– Kathy Liebenstein