Implant Dentistry


Cedar Creek Dental merges the artistry of implant dentistry with the latest technology to create natural looking teeth that can last a lifetime – proving that the only part of your body that doesn’t have to age is your teeth.

Most tooth loss can be corrected with implant dentistry . Many of our patients prefer implants over fixed bridges or dentures because implants look and feel more natural. They are more like your own teeth because implants bond to your own bone. Unlike bridges, none of your other teeth need to be altered to support the implant .

Care for dental implants is just like your own teeth. Keep them clean and plaque free. Bush, floss, keep your gums healthy and visit your dentist at least twice a year for cleaning.

Our patients show a great deal of confidence after implants. Speaking is easier. They have fewer worries about what to eat, losing dentures, or dealing with messy denture adhesives. Self confidence builds with peer groups and some even tell us they have a whole new lease on life!

Smiles can be beautiful at any age. It makes our day when patients report back with flattering comments about their bright smiles! If you’re considering dental implants don’t wait. Call today for a free consult in our office. Maybe you’re ready for a “new lease” on life?